The Homepage of Ernst von Glasersfeld

Ernst von Glasersfeld died on 12 November 2010. Originally his homepage, this is the Ernst von Glasersfeld web site dedicated to his intellectual legacy, in particular to the many scholarly publications he wrote. Read more about his life. As of February 2006, this site hosts his official bibliography.


Ernst von Glasersfeld is the author of some 300 publications. Browse his books, journal articles, book chapters, or other publications. If you want to find a particular publication please use the search form below.


Audio and video recordings of lectures of Ernst von Glasersfeld.

Quelques aspects du constructivisme
Lecture at the Université Laval, Québec, 1991
Duration: 48min

Constructivisme radical et enseignement
Lecture at the Université Laval, Québec, 2001
Duration: 1h 01min


This section presents key concepts of Ernst von Glasersfeld's theory, which he has developed over many years.


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