The Homepage of Ernst von Glasersfeld


Ernst von Glasersfeld was born in Munich, 1917, of Austrian parents, and grew up in Northern Italy and Switzerland. Briefly studied mathematics in Zürich and Vienna and survived the 2nd World War as farmer in Ireland. Returned to Italy in 1946, worked as journalist, and collaborated until 1961 in Ceccato’s Scuola Operativa Italiana (language analysis and machine translation). From 1962 director of US-sponsored research project in computational linguistics. From 1970, he taught cognitive psychology at the University of Georgia, USA. Professor Emeritus, 1987. At present Research Associate at Scientific Reasoning Research Institute, University of Massachusetts. Dr.phil.h.c., University of Klagenfurt, 1997. In the 1970s he started to formulate an epistemology known as radical constructivism. Ernst von Glasersfeld died on 12 November 2010.