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This section presents key concepts of Ernst von Glasersfeld's theory, which he has developed over many years. For a collection of extended quotes check out ABC of Radical Constructivism -- ABC des Radikalen Konstruktivismus.

Two Principles of Radical Constructivism
1. knowledge is not passively received but actively built up by the cognizing subject;
2. the function of cognition is adaptive and serves the organization of the experiential world, not the discovery of ontological reality. (Glasersfeld 1989, p. 162)
Radical Constructivism
EvG calls his version "radical constructivism" because he claims that constructivism has to be applied to all levels of description. "Those who ... do not explicitly give up the notion that our conceptual constructions can or should in some way represent an independent, ‘objective’ reality, are still caught up in the traditional theory of knowledge." (Glasersfeld 1991)

Below are links to definition of key concepts in German language.

Konzeptuelle Zeitkonstruktion
Konzeptuelle Semantik
Wissen als Konstrukt